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The Cottage Industry consisted of "at home moms" on a very tight budget that spent hours recycling clothing, cutting the cloth into strips and making a new braided rug referred to as a "rag rug."

Sometimes these projects were small needful things and sometimes huge community project groups.

"The Quilting Bee" consisted of women that came together to socialize and work on a project for the purpose of providing someone with a hand-made quilt.

Women were known to gather together for the purpose of The Harvest and to prepare the crops for food storage that included canning.

Now in the 21st Century, this gathering of individuals includes men. The community is expanding. The passing forward of trades to various individuals has become one of the most essential survival trends as well as benefiting those searching for a greater purpose in protecting the environment as well as eliminating the power of money hording.


Do your part! Be creative!

and pass your skills forward.




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